Wide Eye, 2020

For the WIDE EYE exhibition, OLDER and Danish artist Alexander Vinther have created a series of works that reflect a playful devotion to contemporary design and its many branches.

"Our background is a mix between Danish and Italian, between art and design. Our design process has been about finding a common language, a common tone you could say, and about making things that question and provoke the general idea of design and good taste today. We wanted to create something that opens up dialogue. Basically, we wanted to give contemporary design a new sound."
The collectibles of the WIDE EYE series grew organically out of a long dialogue between OLDER and Alexander Vinther. A dialogue on objects that was primarily exchanged across European borders. From their different European contexts, Vinther and OLDER began formulating their shared vision: to invest meaning and ideology back into contemporary design by pushing boundaries and giving room for both reflection and absurdity.

OLDER Space, 2020. Milan