In 2021 and 2022, most buildings in the city of Milan (along with the rest of Italy) were under massive urban facade renovations, resulting in most of the city being covered by scaffolding systems used by workers to renovate the Milanese palazzos, including the building of OLDER studio. As daily life in the studio was completely reduced of natural light due to the exterior scaffolding systems, whilst working on our global uniform projects, a simple idea emerged; to create furniture out of the scaffolding by using uniforms. As the designs were developed in the period of the duo’s pregnancy and birth of their first child, many of the pieces have a childish character, almost like furniture made for children based on an industrial readymade system like a scaffolding system and a uniform. Here you have a bench made out an apron, a room in the room made out of a pair of trousers, which can expand themselves and stretch as a harmonica and a conversation chair.

All 3 pieces created with 3 components: a uniform, a scaffolding and a wood base. We named it FURNIFORM; furniture/uniform. The concept is in development and our ambition is to materialise our idea and basic premise that uniforms operate as an architectural extension within the building and rooms where they are used. It is also a reflection on the fact, that we believe more that we live in times, where we do not need more stuff, we need better ideas. This is our modest attempt.