OLDER: a space in Milan, 2021

In the centre of Milan in a residential apartment you will find OLDER's "casa bottega". It is a term used by Italians to describe a combined studio, exhibition space and private residence. Here Letizia Caramia and Morten Thuesen live and work under the same roof. They are partners in their private and professional lives and founded OLDER in 2013. Letizia is from Italy and Morten from Denmark, but their taste for decor is eclectic and represents the best from the whole world. Nevertheless the apartment's spacious white rooms are filled with iconic Italian mid-century furniture side by side with collectibles from the Danish modernist era. OLDER's own design works and art objects are also part of the interior and are a visible proof of the couple's holistic approach, where art, architecture and design merge.
The OLDER space in Milan operates as a hybrid design studio/uniform showroom and space of exhibitions and exposition of architectural design. From an interior point-of-view, the space is decorated equally with design and in-development prototypes within the OLDER design universe: furniture, objects, sculptures and important historical design pieces from a private collection are harmonically juxtapositioned in a contemporary setting. 

Here a uniform, marble sculpture or a prototype of a stool is placed next to a numbered one-off piece of an Italian master architect or a bespoke uniform creation is mirrored with pieces from the Scandinavian golden age of design. "Our ambition is to extend objects from different time periods and various zones of inspiration and put them into conversation with each other". Where one piece stops, the other one begins. Where the static object starts, the uniform in-motion begins.