Imaginary Architecture , 2022

OLDER's Imaginary Architecture is a hybrid of the studio's thoughts regarding uniforms and imaginary concepts within contemporary and future architecture. The artworks and designs can be seen as non-realised or non-commissioned architectural designs which, in the eyes of the studio, carry the opportunity for a future commission and realisation. The designs circle around a radical thinking within architecture starting from uniforms and garment making; OLDER proposes an opportunity to push the status-quo within architecture taking inspiration from uniforms. Uniforms and architecture carry many similarities, from ancient tribes living in tents of cloth or animal fur to using the same material for their clothing. The concept of shelter and clothing originating historically from the same source, the weaver, is given physical expression by Frank Lloyd Wright in his famous Ennis Houses and voiced in his Textile Block House: “A building for the first time may be lightly fabricated, complete of mono-material, literally woven into a pattern or design as was the oriental rug”. This Imaginary Architecture co-exists within the same world as the objects and uniforms of OLDER, and is seen (at least by us) as a holistic universe where all the visual dots are connected. A small microcosm.