In January 2023, we invited our friend and long-time studio collaborator, Francesco Basini Gazzi, to take over our recently opened OLDER Store, in Nolo, Milan. It became his atelier. Informed by the space and the uniforms we provided, Basini Gazzi spent the past months producing new work at Via Policarpo Petrocchi n.21, 20127 Milano.

By taking the uniforms away from their original hospitality context, a series of uniform pieces are turned into canvases by the artist. ‘CRÈMBIULE - an apron exhibition’ is a playground where the boundaries between the shape of an industrial product and the connotation of its material, are blurred.

The OLDER Store is the extension of our studio, a place intending to create community as a mirror of our doings within corporate uniform solutions for both professionals and daily wear for privates. A place to experiment and be radical within B2B and now, for the first time, B2C retail.

Francesco Basini Gazzi (b.1990, Pietrasanta, IT) is an italian artist. Trained at Accademia di Belle Arti (Florence, IT) in Painting and visual arts and Chelsea College of Arts (London, UK) in Interior and Spatial design, his practice fluctuates between sculpture and painting. In his interventions, he represents fragments of memories, where remains room for subjects such as spontaneous plants and details of human bodies.