Alcova Uniforms, 2021

"Site Specific Uniform Project” for Alcova 2021 as part of an expansive architecture series.

After our first visit of the site, we found an old stock of uniforms dating back, to what we think is the 1980’s; they were lying unopened, stored in plastic bags in various sizes in perfect condition, most likely from when the buildings were abandoned by the military. These uniforms were washed, dyed and deconstructed by OLDER to become an instrument for the Alcova staff. We used a natural bleach, creating a textural camouflage, tone on tone, to mirror the architectural environment of this abandoned military base. Our main focus was to create a uniform that blurred the lines between garment and object. As in theory, as in practice; uniforms used as a method to extend space.
These uniforms were made out of re-used Italian military garments from the 1980’s, and designed as much as a functional object for the user as a sustainable token, by not producing new, but using what was found, a reflection on what uniforms could mean.

2021. Milan