Wide Eye Wake Up, 2020

The WIDE EYE WAKE UP sofa is a nylon piece consisting of three individual chairs held together as a single sofa by elastic bands, which can be reconfigured to use the chairs separately or in a combination. It is a mattress system, inspired by the challenge to pattern cut a sofa as if it were a garment, and drawing upon OLDER's extensive experience in the ateliers. WIDE EYE WAKE UP balances the Italian and Danish background of the trio, as the Italian tradition for big, soft furniture is mixed with the tall, clean structure but also as a sofa or combined seating or three individual office chairs.

WIDE EYE WAKE UP is not politely reserved or elegantly refined, and that is exactly the point: it is meant to provoke the general idea of what good taste is within contemporary design, to "wake up" the viewer into "wide-eyed" curiosity within their core context of the European design scene
WIDE EYE WAKE UP, 2020. Green nylon upholstery. Section dims: 1650 x 500 x 1100 mm