Gunnol, 2019

In a small city in the Danish countryside stands a remarkable pyramid-shaped building, a late 1950s work by progressive Danish artist and architect Gunnar Aagaard Andersen. The architecture leaps out from its unassuming context, its appearance both majestic and bizarre. This building is the inspiration for the Gunnol lamp sculptures, which take a functional archetype originating in the countryside and use it as a canvas for free experimentation. In this project, the designers allude to the often underestimated potential for the avant-garde to arise in the most remote places, where strong creativity is nurtured by the space and the silence — where the desire to escape one’s boredom holds the key to boundary-pushing ideas.
Gunnol, Lamp Sculpture, 2019. White Carrara marble. Dims: 430 x 270 x 285 mm