Eliofante, 2022


A chair for children
A step stool for adults

The “ELIOFANTE” was conceived upon invitation from the design studio Objects Of Common Interest and Art Athina - the annual international contemporary art fair in Athens, Greece - with the theme
“Conversations on Domesticity” in September, 2022.

The stool is dedicated to Elio, the son of the founders of OLDER, as a piece of furniture for children with a simple pull-out/pull-in function for practical purposes.
The piece was designed and realized in August 2022 in Tuscany together with Elio’s grandfather Gianni.

It’s a lightweight object, easy to carry and is meant to bring a sense of domestic joy in the everyday life.

Materials: painted poplar plywood
Manufactured in Tuscany by Italian artisans.
ELIOFANTE, 2022 Painted poplar plywood
Dims: 315 x 275 x 350 mm