Carolino, 2021

The “CAROLINO” serving wagon was designed and created during the Christmas holiday 2020’s “ZONA ROSSA” lockdown period in Pietrasanta, Tuscany where the family of Letizia Caramia lives. As lockdown isolation is a lonely affair, an idea emerged to create a small series of friends who would create company and warmth, a bit like Geppetto and Pinnochio. All pieces are made by hand by Letizia’s father, Gianni Caramia, who is a Tuscan artisan. The design came to life, as the duo worked in the workshop of Letizia’s father with leftover materials and scrapped iron. By welding, cutting and painting the material in a new way, the shapes started to emerge out of the scraps. The design, shape and texture spoke an immediate and kind language which had an almost childish quality that reflected the season and state of mind.

The bright and playful colours were inspired by imaginary flags that the duo imagined as a way of travelling during the lockdown. A serving wagon designed to transport your breakfast, lunch or dinner around your apartment or house. The stomach of the wagon can be used for storage, having 1 or 2 “SCARPETTE” stools or maybe even a line-up of drinks. When static and not in use, the wagon is thought of as a mascot of the home.
A friend in solitude.
CAROLINO, 2021 Coloured plywood & painted iron Dims: 1070 x 870 x 540 mm