A bespoke wedding dress, 2022

When we got commissioned by Sofia Pia Belenky to create her wedding dress, we had some initial meetings to establish a dialogue regarding which direction this project should go. We immediately went looking for an idea and concept that could tie all our leads and references together.

For a long time we have been in love with the parachute. The core simplicity of such a device, which function is to slow the motion of an object through the atmosphere by creating drag. The parachute became our reference point.

It is an object that is both simple and complex at the same time. In many ways completely similar to the uniform.

Our design team carefully studied the construction of a parachute sourced from the Italian aeronautic military, how the open and closing mechanisms functioned in order to transfer those crucial utilitarian details and let them become the outline for the entire design of the dress. In many ways the concept was carried by a reducing approach, where all visual noise got muted and the utility details from the parachute became the design protagonists.

From the first fitting on Sofia Pia Belenky we noticed how the dress began to integrate harmoniously with her body and personality, becoming a dress & object that radiated from her instead of being worn.

May this 1 out of 1 parachute dress land her owner safe.

Photos by Alessandro Mitola