OLDER is a Danish/Italian design company specialised in sustainable uniforms and forward-thinking design, founded in 2013 by Letizia Caramia & Morten Thuesen.
OLDER has had a focus on expanding corporate, private and public spaces with its uniforms, considering them pieces of moveable architecture. Just as the interior and exterior of a space communicates a vision, so does the uniforms. This approach has been well received by various industries and is widely acclaimed for its design and quality. 
All OLDER pieces are designed by merging innovation and functionality with a responsible and sustainable production and supply chain. All materials are woven and sourced in Italy, with all uniforms being manufactured in Europe.
Radical designs that investigate contemporary culture. All pieces are made by Italian artisans in a non-industrial manner.
The OLDER studio is located in a 300 square metre apartment, equal parts design studio and atelier, private residence and exhibition space.